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China is a market where consumers interact with media...

and the government interacts with media owners to direct development of the market.

by Alex Tan, Managing Partner, MediaCom China

China blog

There are 420m internet users, 814m mobile phone users and 277m mobile internet users in China. Interestingly, the latter medium is split between very wealthy professional consumers who lead busy lives and require an "always on" connection, and the poorer bracket for whom it represents the cheapest way to enable some basic form of internet access.

The government is encouraging the development of a triple screen market, merging TV, online and mobile and thereby creating new opportunities in on-demand TV from PC and mobile, and mobile TV.

Government interaction with media market can also be more mundane, for example, changing the mix of commercial airtime minutage. At the start of 2010, SARFT (the governing body that regulates advertising and media policies in China) altered the way that off-peak airtime was regulated.

Instead of allowing broadcasters to determine in which hour they broadcast their ad slots, up to a limit of 20% of total broadcasting time for each station, the rule was changed to a set 12 minutes per hour.

This has had the impact of significant inflation for advertisers, but has also opened up other channels for commercial messages, particularly by widening opportunities for more content and sponsorship driven communications.

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